Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm tham khảo Unit 10: Language Focus – Nature in Danger

  • Exercise 1: Choose the word or phrase – a, b, c or d – that needs correcting.

    Câu 1:

    Among us students are many foreigners whose attend language classes at the south campus.

    • A. Among us
    • B. many foreigners
    • C. whose
    • D. at the
  • Câu 2:

    Is it right that politicians should make important decisions without consulting the public to who they are accountable?

    • A. that politicians
    • B. should make
    • C. consulting
    • D. to who
  • Câu 3:

    The environment where wild animals are living is now badly destroying.

    • A. where
    • B. are living
    • C. badly
    • D. destroying
  • Câu 4:

    AU nations may have to make fundamental changes in their economic, political, and the technological institutions if they are to preserve the environment.

    • A. have to make
    • B. changes
    • C. the technological institutions
    • D. to preserve
  • Câu 5:

    Soon after Mel has finished his thesis, he will leave for Boston, where he has a job waiting on him.

    • A. has finished
    • B. will leave
    • C. where
    • D. on him
  • Exercise 2: Choose the word or phrase A, B, C, or D that best completes the sentence.

    Câu 6:

    Jean Fragonard was a French artist ______ portrait of children.

    • A. whose paintings
    • B. who has painted
    • C. who painted
    • D. whose painted
  • Câu 7:

    Portland, Maine, is ______ the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spent his early years.

    • A. where
    • B. it where
    • C. where is
    • D. which is where
  • Câu 8:

    Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment ______.

    • A. that the birds live
    • B. where the birds live in
    • C. which live the birds
    • D. in which the birds live
  • Câu 9:

    Wild animals ______ in their natural habitat will have a better and longer life than those which are kept in protected areas.

    • A. live
    • B. to live
    • C. living
    • D. lived
  • Câu 10:

    There should be some measures to protect the humpback whale, ______ an endangered species.

    • A. to consider
    • B. considered
    • C. consider
    • D. is considered
  • Câu 11:

    The school has been given 20 computers, half of ______ are brand new.

    • A. that
    • B. those
    • C. them
    • D. which
  • Câu 12:

    The computer, ______ the memory capacity has just been upgraded, is among the latest generations.

    • A. that
    • B. whose
    • C. of which
    • D. which of
  • Câu 13:

    Several cars …… owners had parked them under the trees, were damaged.

    • A. their
    • B. of which
    • C. whom
    • D. whose
  • Câu 14:

    My English teacher, Mrs Brookes, was someone … I had great respect.

    • A. that
    • B. whom
    • C. for who
    • D. for whom
  • Câu 15:

    She joined the local tennis club, …… were at least 60.

    • A. most of its members
    • B. most whose members
    • C. most of whose members
    • D. most members
  • Câu 16:

    A lack of cross-cultural awareness can result in misinterpretation, …..

    • A. that offense may cause
    • B. which may cause offense
    • C. those may cause offense
    • D. for which may cause offense
  • Câu 17:

    Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, ……, had a major influence on the lives of people in the 20th century.

    • A. for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize
    • B. that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for
    • C. which awarded the Nobel Prize
    • D. awarded the Nobel Prize
  • Câu 18:

    …… think of metallurgy as a modern field of science, but it is actually one of the oldest.

    • A. Although many people
    • B. Many people
    • C. Many people who
    • D. That many people


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