Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm tham khảo Test Yourself D Unit 10 – 11

  • Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

    Câu 1:

    Several rare species are dying ______ owing to human beings’ deforestation and careless hunting.

    • A. up
    • B. out
    • C. away
    • D. down
  • Câu 2:

    They are all at work doing some research ______ alternative sources of energy.

    • A. for
    • B. in
    • C. on
    • D. with
  • Câu 3:

    If you have anything important to do, do it straight away. Don’t put it ______.

    • A. on
    • B. off
    • C. over
    • D. up
  • Câu 4:

    The headmistress is very competent. All the teaching staff look ______.

    • A. up to her
    • B. her up to
    • C. at her up
    • D. for her up
  • Câu 5:

    He wouldn’t have failed his exam ______ he hadn’t been ill.

    • A. unless
    • B. if
    • C. in case
    • D. although
  • Câu 6:

    We should responsible for the ____ humans are doing to the enviroment.

    • A. destroy
    • B. destructive
    • C. destruction
    • D. destructibility
  • Câu 7:

    She lost her balance when she ______ to reach out for the balloon.

    • A. had tried
    • B. was trying
    • C. tried
    • D. has been trying
  • Câu 8:

    He suggested ______ a jumble sale to try and raise money for the scouts.

    • A. me to hold
    • B. me that I held
    • C. holding
    • D. to hold
  • Câu 9:

    They are excellent students ______ I have complete confidence.

    • A. who
    • B. that
    • C. whom
    • D. in whom
  • Câu 10:

    You have to be aware of the damage humans are doing to quicken the ______ of wildlife.

    • A. extinct
    • B. extinctive
    • C. extinction
    • D. extinctions
  • Câu 11:

    Cameron, ______ directed ‘The Titanic’, is one of the leading faces in Hollywood.

    • A. that
    • B. whose
    • C. whom
    • D. who
  • Câu 12:

    The population of the earth is increasing at a tremendous rate and ______ out of control.

    • A. it will be
    • B. soon will be
    • C. have become
    • D. are soon going to
  • Câu 13:

    The teacher gave some suggestions​ = _______ on what could come out for the examination

    • A. effects
    • B. symptoms
    • C. hints
    • D. demonstrations
  • Câu 14:

    Your failure is the consequence = _______ of not studying hard enough for the test.

    • A. cause
    • B. motive
    • C. result
    • D. status
  • Câu 15:

    The teacher asked those who ______ their tests ______ in their papers.

    • A. completed/ turn
    • B. completed/ turned
    • C. had completed/ to turn
    • D. completed/ turns
  • Câu 16:

    Historian Barbara Tuchman was the first woman ______ president of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    • A. whose election as
    • B. to elect
    • C. was elected
    • D. to be elected
  • Câu 17:

    Rarely ______ last longer than an hour.

    • A. do tornados
    • B. tornados
    • C. tornados that
    • D. tornados do
  • Câu 18:

    ______ for the fact that he was working abroad, he would willingly have helped with the project.

    • A. If it had been
    • B. If it hadn’t been
    • C. Had it been
    • D. Hadn’t it been
  • Câu 19:

    A home computer ______ an opportunity for convenient and efficient work at home.

    • A. provides
    • B. to be providing
    • C. which provides
    • D. providing it
  • Câu 20:

    New words are constantly being invented ______ new objects and concepts.

    • A. to describe
    • B. a description of
    • C. they describe
    • D. describe
  • Exercise 2: Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

    Câu 21:

    Liquids take the shape of any container which they are placed.

    • A. the shape
    • B. which
    • C. they
    • D. placed
  • Câu 22:

     Winslow Homer, who had no formally training in art, became famous for his paintings of the sea and seacoast.
    • A. who had
    • B. formally
    • C. famous for
    • D. paintings
  • Câu 23:

    Because of habitat loss, there are less Asian elephants than African elephants.

    • A. Because of
    • B. loss
    • C. less
    • D. elephants
  • Câu 24:

    Even though they are among the smallest carnivores, weasels will attack animals that are double their size.

    • A. Even though
    • B. the smallest
    • C. that
    • D. double
  • Exercise 3: Choose the word or phrase – a, b, c or d – that best fits the blank space in the following passage. 

    By 1984, nonrenewable (25) ______ fuels, such as oil, coal and natural as, provided over 82 percent of the commercial and industrial energy (26) ______ in the world. Small amounts of energy were (27) ______ from nuclear fission, and the (28) ______ 16 percent came from burning direct perpetual and renewable fuels, (29) ______ biomass. Between 1700 and 1986 a large number of countries (30) ______ from the use of energy from local sources to a centralized generation of hydropower and solar energy (31) ______ to electricity. The energy derived from nonrenewable fossil fuels has been (32) ______ produced in one location and transported to another, as is the case with most automobike fuels. In countries with private, rather than public (33) ______, the age of nonrenewable fuels has created a dependency on a finite (34) ______ that will have to be replaced.

    Câu 25:

    • A. clean
    • B. unleaded
    • C. fossil
    • D. solid
  • Câu 26:

    • A. used
    • B. produced
    • C. supplied
    • D. stored
  • Câu 27:

    • A. produced
    • B. derived
    • C. extracted
    • D. released
  • Câu 28:

    • A. resting
    • B. leaving
    • C. restricting
    • D. remaining
  • Câu 29:

    • A. as
    • B. therefore
    • C. such as
    • D. for
  • Câu 30:

    • A. shifted
    • B. transferred
    • C. obtained
    • D. applied
  • Câu 31:

    • A. saved
    • B. reformed
    • C. delivered
    • D. converted
  • Câu 32:

    • A. actually
    • B. increasingly
    • C. gradually
    • D. consequently
  • Câu 33:

    • A. transports
    • B. transportation
    • C. transporters
    • D. transportable
  • Câu 34:

    • A. reserve
    • B. material
    • C. resource
    • D. power
  • Exercise 4: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

    Scientists believe they now have scientific evidence to prove that ecosystems work better when there is greater variety of species within them. This biodiversity is being lost destroying natural mechanisms that could repair the damage caused by man.

    Findings show that losing plants and animals is not only reducing our quality of life but actually endangering our very existence. We cut down rich rainforests and replace them with one species plantations, such as pine and eucalyptus. We plough up meadows rich in different grasses and herbs and replace them with one grass, for instance rye or wheat.

    When a natural ecosystem is simplified the basic processes in the ecosystem are altered and even damaged. Without their biodiversity they are not able to serve as the natural clearners of our planet. No longer are they able to absorb the carbon dioxide that is being produced in excess. The result is global warming, caused by the increase in the ‘greenhouse effect’, and ultimately, or even ‘sooner, there will be’ a change in the world’s climate.

    Câu 35:

    Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

    • A. How Ecosystems Work Better
    • B. The Loss of Biodiversity
    • C. The Variety of Species
    • D. Natural Mechanisms
  • Câu 36:

    Which of the following is not a species used to replace a rich ecosystem?

    • A. Herbs
    • B. Pine
    • C. Eucalyptus
    • D. Rye
  • Câu 37:

    What is the purpose of paragraph 2?

    • A. To show natural mechanisms at work.
    • B. To give examples of the loss of biodiversity.
    • C. To give example of variety of species.
    • D. To show how ecosystems can work better.
  • Câu 38:

    What, according to the passage, might be the final result of the simplification of natural ecosystems?

    • A. The basic processes are altered
    • B. There is loss of biodiversity
    • C. There is global warming
    • D. There is a change in the climate.
  • Câu 39:

    What is the author’s attitude to the loss of biodiversity?

    • A. Indifferent
    • B. Negative
    • C. Positive
    • D. Neutral
  • Câu 40:

    While southern California is densely populated, ______ live in the northern part of the state.

    • A. a number people
    • B. many people
    • C. few people
    • D. a few of people


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